Pro-choice is a term used to describe the political and ethical view which maintains that a woman should have total control over her fertility and pregnancy. This entails the guarantee of what supporters term reproductive rights, which include access to abortion, contraception, sexual education and fertility treatments. Individuals and organisations that seek to support this stance, both in terms of legality and availability, make up the pro-choice movement.

Pro-choice activists believe that abortion should be a legal option for any woman with an unwanted pregnancy. Some see abortion as a last resort, and focus on a number of situations where they feel abortion is a necessary option. Among these situations are those where the woman was raped, her health or life is at risk, contraception was used but failed, or she feels unable to raise a child. Some pro-choice moderates, who would otherwise be willing to accept certain restrictions on abortion, feel that political pragmatism compels them to oppose any such restrictions, as they could be used to form a slippery slope against all abortions.

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